Metro Wedding Expo: The perfect, affordable way to grow your wedding business


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Because the same ol' same ol' just won't do for the modern couple... or wedding pro!

Created by the minds at, Metro Wedding Expo offers more than your run-of-the-mill bridal show! According to our clients, our high-energy expos are fun, well-organized and highly advertised. Exhibitors have multiple options to showcase their brand in unique, out of the box ways that effectively reach potential customers, including:

Live, on-stage presentations!

Offering crowd-loved samplings and hands-on demos!

Participation as a highlighted sponsor during our Haute runway bridal fashion show!

Reveal space opportunities for you to really showcase all your brand is!

Being an agent for change as we impact various non-profit beneficiaries!  

Don't miss this year's expo in your area -- No two are ever the same!  Click here to see footage from #MWE2015!